I've been writing Laravel since version 4.1.

During that time I've automated the upgrade of 30,000 Laravel applications and personally upgraded hundreds of Laravel code bases.

If there's one thing I've learned from all this, it's that adopting the principles and features provided by Laravel make crafting (and maintaining) your Laravel applications easier.

But putting this into practice isn't always clear. There are all sorts of ways to write your application code. Even Laravel provides multiple ways to do the same thing.

So, how do we choose?

In BaseCode, I focus on solutions which provide less complex, more readable code. This lays a foundation. But, what does that look like in Laravel?

I started sharing examples for streamlining Laravel on Twitter. These have gotten a fair amount likes, and generated good discussion.

So much so I'm going to wrap these up into a free field guide.

That's right, FREE!

I'll also offer premium content including bonus sections, refactoring videos, and monthly Q&A calls.

BaseLaravel will launch in early August.

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Jason McCreary

Who is JMac?

Hi. I'm Jason McCreary. I go by JMac because I always seem to work with other programmers named Jason.

I love building things and sharing my knowledge. I created Laravel Shift, wrote BaseCode, recorded Confident Laravel. and speak at conferences.